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Secretary: Secret Mission

Publishing company: The Agency, Hutchinson

Secretary: a person entrusted with a secret. From the Latin secretus, secretum, secretaries.

The Agency has a unique opening for an ambitious secretary to join a pool of typists in a secret mission next Autumn.

Applicants will be required to type a hundred words per minute and never miss a syllable. You will be equipped with a mint-shelled Royal Quiet Deluxe typewriter, a black Western Electric rotary phone, and a stack of yellow Steno pads in order to complete your mission successfully.

As you may have guessed, this is no ordinary typist job. There will be typing involved, but there will be so much more to it. We ask that you speak no word of the work you do after you cover your typewriter each day as our mission is of national security status, under codename Z.

Can you keep a secret? If you can, then you might just be the person we are looking for.

Additional skills required:

Fluency in Russian is a must.

Publishing and/or experience running black ops preferable.

Interested? To find out more and to apply for the position contact or visit

Secretary: Secret Mission

Hutchinson, Langley
Analyst, Audience, Business, Consultancy, Specialist, Strategy, Support, Scout, Data
Blending In, Suave, Stealth