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Head of Sales, UK

Role: Head of UK Sales

Reports to: UK Sales and Marketing Director, and Walker Group Export Sales Director.

Job Purpose

To manage the UK sales team, develop and implement a UK Sales Strategy, help manage and deliver the UK sales budget and to sell directly to Waterstones and develop a first class working relationship and sales strategy. 

Key Responsibilities

1. Managerial responsibilities to include:

  • Managing the UK sales team to ensure the maximisation of sales, to include Sales Managers, Field Sales Team and Freelance Sales People. 
  • To develop first class relationships with all key UK retailers. 
  • Produce monthly reports on UK Trade performance by key property and retailer.
  • Develop, implement and monitor UK retailer strategies on key properties and brands.
  • Manage and develop sales strategies by key author and brand. Review and analyse these regularly. 
  • Work closely with the UK Trade Marketing Manager on creation and implementation of trade marketing campaigns. 
  • Work closely with consumer marketing and publicity to ensure the most coherent sales, marketing and publicity strategies. 
  • Work with the Sales and Marketing Director on creation, monitoring and reforecasting of annual UK Trade Frontlist and Backlist budgets. 
  • Contribute fully and productively to Sales Conferences and Launch Meetings.
  • Provide market feedback to all relevant company colleagues, including developments in UK retail landscape, both physical and digital. 
  • To fully understand and communicate when relevant to Walker business the current Children's Books market, backed up by Nielsen Bookscan data. 
  • Manage and develop the skills of the UK Sales Department by giving practical guidance and assessing the need for training as required. 
  • Undertake regular appraisals and training to achieve efficient work practice and maximum sales. 
  • Represent UK Trade at Brand planning meetings, preparing sales figures beforehand and presenting UK Trade view. 

2. To be responsible for own budget. This would include:

  • Monitoring title performance against budget target.
  • Monitoring customers' performance against target.
  • Planning expenditure on travel, entertainment and promotions. 
  • Monitoring key account spend against target. 
  • Submitting relevant documentation to support budget spend. 

3. To visit Waterstones' Head Office on a regular basis to manage account and grow the sales through:

  • Presenting and obtaining subscriptions to new titles.
  • Taking orders from backlist and initiating backlist promotions.
  • Negotiating terms, discounts and returns within the parameters on keeping Walker's margin intact and profitable.
  • Creating promotions and submitting suitable titles for bespoke promotions. 
  • Carrying out regular business review meetings.
  • Analysing sales promotions in order to inform future strategies. 
  • Maintain marketing spend and deal tracker for key accounts within the internal sales team. 
  • Building and maintaining customer relationships with key individuals. 
  • Manage and review core stock. 
  • Manage the Regional Managers communication of all head office promotions/activity and core stock issues. 
  • Work closely with the Trade Marketing Manager in the initiating and implementation of bespoke Waterstones promotion. 
  • Work closely with marketing and publicity departments in coordinating consumer marketing and PR activity with Waterstones. 
  • Work closely with Editorial with feedback on key Waterstones' titles and sales trends. 

4. To be responsible for providing information to support decision-making process in acquisitions. This would include:

  • Providing acquisition figures to Editorial for UK Trade projected sales. 
  • Market information.
  • Competitor information. 
  • Identification of sales/new product opportunities. 
  • Deal tracker up to date at all times.
  • Attending in house meetings to contribute to title development/author progressions.

5. To be responsible for maintaining own awareness of Walker product range in order to sell effectively. This would include:

  • Attending regular meetings and sales conferences.
  • Reading advance information on material. 
  • Maintaining knowledge in competitor range/backlists through active information seeking outside company. 

 6. To be responsible for liaising with Customer Service Department to ensure client/product information is updated. This would include:

  • Communicating with departments to update staff on new products.
  • Actively seeking information about own clients from Customer Service and Telesales.
  • Ensuring efficient supply of books to customers via our distributor and dealing with any supply chain issues that may occur.

Key Performance Indicators.

  • Achievement of sales targets. 
  • Ability to grow key account revenue whilst protecting discount and margin. 
  • Ability to analyse commercial effectiveness of sales activity and use that analysis to develop sales strategies going forward. 
  • Ability to produce and deliver incremental sales using creative thought and initiative bespoke to account base. 
  • Accuracy, relevance and timeliness of sales reports. 
  • Effectiveness of positioning/relationship with key client decision-makers. 

Skills, Knowledge and Experience.

  • Understanding of publishing process and product knowledge. 
  • Understanding of market and key customers. 
  • Full understanding and experience of Waterstones business. 
  • Financially and commercially astute with IT Skills, including strong Excel skills. 

Salary: Competitive with a great benefits package

Location: Vauxhall, London

Contract Type: Maternity Cover, Flexible Hours

Closing date: 15th December 2019

If you are interested in applying for this role please send your CV and Cover Letter to   

Head of Sales, UK

Walker Books, London
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