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Nobrow started in the winter of 2008 with the aim to provide an
independent platform for graphic art, Illustration and art comics in the
UK and abroad, to become a leading proponent of quality in book design
and a standard bearer for original creative content in print publishing.

Given that the company started both in the midst of the financial
crisis (Nov 2008) and in the supposed ‘dying days of print’, our books
had to be somehow different. It wouldn’t be enough to champion new
artists and content alone, the books themselves had to stand out, to
‘deserve to be printed’.

Over the course of the last few years we have striven to consistently
publish books of the highest calibre and quality, both for their form
and their content, working with only the best artists and illustrators
in the world, whether fresh from art school or from the ranks of
well-seasoned veterans. We publish books with their inherent qualities
as objects in mind, to that end we do everything in our power to ensure
that they look good, smell good and most of all tell great stories!

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62 Great Eastern Street