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Rebellion isn't just about the games. We are one of the UK’s most exciting publishers, with four imprints, and an award-winning list of the best of contemporary comics, thrilling new children’s fiction, and standout science fiction, fantasy, horror and crime.


Home to Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper and more, this cutting-edge weekly comic continues to find the brightest talents and lead to an ever growing list of thrilling graphic novel collections.


Solaris is home to best selling epic fantasy authors Rowena Cory Daniells, Gail Z. Martin and Paul Kearney,runaway SF successes James Lovegrove, and Eric Brown, and crime and horror chart-topper Christopher Fowler, among a rich and broad list of authors.


Abaddon Books re-launched in 2013. Unique in presenting serial worlds created by the most exciting talent, Abaddon has invites multiple authors to write in our shared-universe settings. 


With this brand new Children’s and YA imprint, Rebellion is recognising the huge role that genre fiction plays in the most popular and dynamic of young fiction. Ravenstone launched in 2013 with John Carter Cash’s debut novel Lupus Rex in hardback. 

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