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Overall Responsibilities

The Director will be responsible to the Trustees of Africa 95 for the administration of the Caine Prize and assist with the development of its strategy. In doing so she/he will implement the Trustees’ decisions in accordance with the prevailing rules for the Prize. The Director will collaborate closely with the Finance Committee of the Board, with its public relations advisers and with its accounting and book-keeping consultant. The post will be held from London on a part-time basis of three days a week (flexible). The probation period for this role is six months.

The performance of the Director will be subject to an initial probationary period and subsequently to an annual review conducted by the Chair with another member of the Board.

The specific responsibilities of the position will be as follows:

  1. Overall Management


  • Ensure the business of the Prize is conducted in a manner which enhances the public’s knowledge of African writing both in Africa and elsewhere and in so doing provides wider outlets for creative African writing;
  • Assist the Trustees to identify and secure additional sources of finance and sponsorship and manage its relationship with donors;
  • Ensure the Prize operates within the budget agreed with the Trustees and within the bounds of other operational procedures, timetables and policies set by the Trustees;
  • Work with the Finance Committee to develop an annual budget;
  • Liaise with the Trustees and the Advisory Council and work closely with The Chair;
  • Work with, and maintain close relations with the Public Relations advisers to the Board;
  • Ensure the line-management of the Prize’s Administrative Assistant;
  • Ensure that the website of the Prize remains operational and up to date, working with the appropriate consultant;
  • Ensure that email and other digital traffic is consolidated in one server’s account and held in a way which is accessible by the Trustees.
  1. For the annual judging process and award ceremony:


  • Assist the Trustees to develop and disseminate the criteria for assessing submissions;
  • Work with the Administrative Assistant to ensure an adequate flow of short stories and/or books based on these criteria to the judging panel;
  • Agree a shortlist of judges with Trustees and then arrange appropriate letters of engagement
  • Develop, curate and organise the ‘London week’ of the shortlisted writers, including the dinner.
  1. Additional key responsibilities


  • Organise and curate the annual AKO Caine Prize workshop and associated arrangements (outside the award season);
  • Manage the online editing project and develop new projects;
  • Liaise with the principal publisher of the annual book of selected short stories and with its Africa-based co-publishers;
  • Report to donors in an agreed format and at agreed intervals;
  • Ensure that all operations of the Prize are in line with the requirements of the Charity Commission;
  • Advise the Trustees and the Advisory Council on the potential evolution of the Prize. 
  • Organise meetings of the Trustees, attend such meetings and write the relevant minutes;
  • Produce an Annual Report in timely fashion including a financial report for the previous year as approved by the independent auditor.

Selection Criteria:

The Director will have a substantial knowledge of African literature and a commitment to developing current and future writers in Africa and the diaspora. She/he will have experience in relevant media, in organising and managing literary competitions and events or comparable hands-on experience in the literary world. A degree or further level qualification in a relevant subject is desirable.  Openness to innovation in communication is essential. The job will be based in Central London. The salary will be £50,000 per annum (pro rata)

Please apply by sending your CV and cover letter to Céline Nyssens at

Closing date for applications will be the 23rd of June.


The Caine Prize For African Writing, London
Part-time, Permanent
Administration, Events, Publishing, Management, Communications, Sales, Business Development, Social Media, Finance
Salary description: 
£50,000 per annum (pro rata)

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