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My Job in 5: Filipe Teixeira

Doorman Filipe Teixeira from Porto's most beautiful bookshop Livraria Lello takes over My Job in 5 this week.
Written on 02/28/2019 - 13:00
  1. I provide a warm welcome to all the visitors that pass by the world's most beautiful bookshop. Our team also provides entry vouchers that delivers our customer’s discount on books in the store. We are also happy to provide our guests with little known facts and curiosities in the bookshop and tips for our beautiful city of Porto.


  1. I love the possibility of meeting people from all over the world and creating meaningful connections. These connections make for great memories! I am a sociable person so I can say it's probably the job that I have most enjoyed ever having.


  1. Our team tries daily to improve by learning new languages and typical expressions from around the world. This can get us closer to our guests that have come from far away and still make them feel a welcome. At Livraria Lello, it’s our mission to ensure people feel cosy and at home.


  1. We need to be comfortable with hundreds of persons around every day, all day. The ability to be flexible on switching language is also important since numerous questions are asked simultaneously-sometimes three or four languages at the same time! You have to manage the amount of people inside, the entry rows and always care for individualized needs. We have to be able to have managing skills, be self-confident and funny.


  1. I don't many bookshops that have a team of doorman to give a warm welcome to all our book lovers. We need to be confident and comfortable to be able to create the Livraria Lello experience. You must want to share yourself and take an interest in our wonderful guests.