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My Job in 5: Andrew Salmond

Andrew Salmond, business and store manager of Soho's own Gosh Comics, commandeers My Job in 5 this week to share what it's like to work in one of the world's most creative industries.
Written on 05/23/2019 - 11:10

                • Describe your role.

I am a partner in the business, the store manager and the buyer. It's a great mix of problem-solving, systems-oriented work, analysis, customer service and human resource management that keeps things fresh. I also have a great team that don't require micro-management, which is a blessing!


                • What do you like best about your role?

I love the variety of challenges the role provides. Every day throws up some unexpected problem or task that keeps me on my toes, and all the while I am working with a medium I’ve loved since my youth.


                • Which new projects or titles are you working on at the moment?

We’re always looking at how best we can outreach beyond the traditional comics market, as well as maximising the return on our space. We’re always looking at projects to try and open new revenue streams, but in a way that doesn’t betray the aesthetic of what we do.


                • What skills do you need for your role?

A good dose of common sense! A head for logistics is important, and as a specialist outlet knowledge of the product is vital. Mainly it’s about knowing when to shut up and listen: your people are your greatest strength. Without their input we’d be a shadow of our current selves.


                • What advice would you give to those looking to work in the industry?

It’s a tough industry to break into simply because of its meagre size. You need a passion for the material, and obviously being so niche, knowledge is key. Read broadly, not just the superhero titles or manga that sparked your passion in the first place.